Bondi Ways 2015- Teaching Acting Classes to ages 9-12

Royal Caribbean - Entertainer and Gameshow Host 

Left Bank Pictures-  Actress in Strike Back Miniseries - Character "Hostage" 

Pixel Warrior - Actress in Devon Sol Music Video - Character "Lisa" 

Don't Look Down Productions - Vuzu Tv Chat Show Host 

IM Productions - Supersport Supersquash Magazine Show Presenter

Pathe London- Africa United - Coach Child Actors 

South African Broadcasting - Actress in Generations Soap Opera - Character "Jenny" 

Pristine Mood Events - MC at live Music Festival 

Jaque Productions - Presenter for Standard Bank Training Video 

Terraplane Productions - Actress in MTN Commercial - Character "Office Girl"

Bouffant Productions - Actress in Pink Link Commercial

Sound Media - Host of Fashion Weekly 

Umhlingo Productions- Instructor and Presenter of Morning Aerobics Show 

Replay Television - Presenter for Esquire Corporate videos

Don't Look Down Productions - Channel O -  Present Music Related Interactive Show

Don't Look Down Productions - GO TV- Present Interactive Game show

Bachelor Degree in Audio Visual Production Management

Diploma in TV Presenting and Performing Arts